Sights in Nagaland

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Situated at 1500 metres above sea level, Kohima is one of the prettiest centres of North East. Being a true representative of Nagaland, it depicts a good view of tribal culture. Main attractions are the War Cemetery, The Nagaland State Museum and the Catholic Cathedral.

Dzukou Valley

This is one of the best trekking spots in the North East region at an altitude of 2,438.4 metres above sea level, behind Japfu peak and 30 the south of Kohima


Situated at an altitude of 195 metres above sea level it is an important commercial centre of Nagaland. One can see here the last relics of the Kachari Kingdom Ruzaphema.

It is a place ideally suited for leisure and recreation with its colourful bazaars and a wide range of tribal handicrafts that are exquisite in their style.

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