Mizoram Travel Guide

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The hill state of Mizoram is in the North-East corner of India. It is hard to reach and only a few travellers make teh effort to come all this way. This is quite a pity because Mizoram does have a few (although well hidden) treasures.

The landscape is marked by many hills, the highest being Phawang Phui towering to 2065 metres. Between the hills, fast rivers run through deep gorges. With its moderate height and not-so-heavy rainfall, Mizoram has a pleasant climate, being cool in summer and not very cold in winter.

The Mizos are of Mongoloid stock and are believed to have migrated from upper Burma during the 17th century. The area came under the influence of Christian missionaries in the 19th century and as a consequence almost 95 per cent of the people are Christians. Besides other things, the missionaries brough education, hence the literacy rate in Mizoram is amongst the highest in India.

Aizwal has attractive houses and a profusion of flowers. Around town you can make lovely walks. The views are stunning.

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