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Ulhasnagar, city in western India, in western Maharashtra state, located south of Kalyan. Ulhasnagar is part of the greater Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) urban area. The city has developed into an industrial center, with manufactures including chemicals, silk, and textiles. An industrial training center is located in the city. The nearest airport is in Mumbai. Ulhasnagar received many Pakistani Hindu refugees in 1947, when the Indian subcontinent was partitioned and India and Pakistan became independent nations. Much of the housing in the city consists of old military barracks converted into tenements, which have been allotted to the Hindu refugees against their claim of property left in Pakistan. Population (1991) 369,077.

Ulhasnagar is situated on the bank of river "ULHAS" and hence the name of this "Nagar" (township) was appropriately chosen to be ULHASNAGAR.  The word "ULHAS" means happiness. Considering the fact that the many displaced Sindhis (natives of Sindh, Panjab) who migrated to India leaving their homes and businesses have now settled here and found their new prosperity and happiness, the name of this township certainly is so fitting!

Now this city has become a big industrial and rich city. The main business of people staying nearby is flourished in Ulhasnagar itself. Its really a cool city. Previously it was known for making duplicate products, but now the original products are given birth and no one is able to make duplicate of it.

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