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Pune is a city that has a rich HERITAGE it also has recognition as cultural capital of Maharashtra. It has a very interesting known history of 600 years ago, but has landmarks which show civilization exited since 7th cent. A.D. Pune is surrounded by five dams, and has moderate to tropical climatic conditions; these areas have beautiful resorts as tourist destinations and is an attraction for migratory birds and exotic natural habitats.

Women Tourist Guides with varied knowledge, authorized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India are available with us for 5 states and 2 Union Territories. We have been trained in topics like Hinduism/ Ancient Hindu architecture/ Culture and Rituals, Buddhism/ Buddhist Ancient Architecture and their teachings,, also subjects like Archaeology, Iconography, Agriculture tourism in India, Fairs and festivals of India and many other topics that hold the interest of anxious and curious foreigners.

We design special itineraries as per the requirements of the guests.  Especially Jews, The Khoja community who, want to visit their own religious sites and meet their community in Pune. Or for people who want to visit the IT hubs, or corporate sectors. NRIs who want to visit Pune to buy property, Parents of children who want to have their children in the best of the Educational institutes, we try to familiarize them with the different residential areas, patients coming in for medical treatments and spiritual tourism, Corporates who come here for business and have to see the city very quickly.

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