Shopping in Pune

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The Pune Shopping scene is bursting with options and will offer you a fun experience. It is a great blend of local products tailored to meet the style of the traveler. From branded goods to handicrafts, you name it and you will find it in Pune.


FabIndia is the pride of the Indian textile industry. It is a retail chain that sells ethnic Indian products. These are made by craftsmen in the rural areas of India. It is popular for its Kurtas which are traditional Indian wear, worn by men as well as women. Located on the Sassoon Road, it carries other items like skirts, shirts and tops all made out of eco-friendly materials.

Laxmi Road

The Laxmi road is a good representation of an Indian bazaar. It has series of shops and is forever bustling with activity. With the exception of Mondays, the shops here are open to visitors throughout the week. Go window shopping at the various saree shops. The crowd might be a little overwhelming, but don't get too flustered, it has a way to grow on you.

The Chor Bazaar

This shopping venue is rightly called the Chor Bazaar. The literal translation of the word Chor is "thief." Shopping in this bazaar is a steal, as they stock up everything from a safety pin to computer hardware and apparel at a nominal price. It would be good to go with a local as Chor bazaar is filled with people trying to outsmart you. You will come out with better haggling skills if you are with a local.

The Bombay Store

Located on the busiest and the coolest street in Pune, The Bombay Store is the pride of India. Started before independence, this store has been around for over 100 years now. The first store was established in the city of Mumbai, but today has its presence all over India. The store in Pune, will take you through a shopping experience like no other. With its tasteful interiors, it is a great place to buy Pashmina silk scarfs and home accessories like candle stands, tableware and souvenirs.

Just Antiques

Just Antiques is located at the Koregaon Park and is the right place to buy authentic Rajasthani furniture and home accessories. Even if you do not plan on buying anything, this is a must see shopping spot in Pune. You will be mesmerized by the intricate work and exceptional designs of their products.

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