Senior Travel in Pune

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Pune senior travel is easily accessible with countless tours, accommodations and activities that are perfect for active seniors as well as those with limited mobility.  Visting India is a fantastic experience that no matter your age can be both eye-opening and spiritual as visitors explore many attractions that highlight the diverse history, religion and culture of the area.

Senior Tours to Pune

One of the main benefits of joining a tour group for your trip to Pune is that it will take out much of your planning and "work" of your trip. For seniors with limited mobility, this is especially helpful to arrange for transfers and other door-to-door transport between locations that otherwise may be difficult to do on your own. A country with a strong tourism industry, there are countless tour operators that both cater to senior tourists and provide discounted tours for them. If you want to take a trip to Pune and surrounding cities or even states with relatively little planning and booking yourself, joining a tour group may be the best option for you.

Independent Senior Travel to Pune

Active seniors will enjoy traveling to Pune independently. Getting around in India is not difficult with your choice of bus, train and air travel, and with a bit of planning, you can easily arrange a great trip on your own. When booking accommodations, ensure that your hotel has air conditioning as well as any other amenities that you require. There are numerous top-of-the-line hotels in the area and this should be no problem. Le Meridien Pune, the Central Park Hotel, Hotel Ibis and the Oakwood Premier Pune are just a few of the area hotels that offers superior services, a helpful staff and all the amenities of home. Expect to spend upwards of $100 a night for a hotel that offers all of the comforts of home.

Activities in Pune for Seniors    

Pune is rich with cultural and historical sights perfect for tourism. Main attractions include the Jain Temple and the Bhimashankar Temple, as well as Visapur Fort. All 3 sights are easily accessible from anywhere in the city and offer the conflicting yet harmonious beliefs of the populace of Pune. Visapur Fort requires a bit of a hike, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of bottled water.

Pune is a great location for seniors to explore. Visit outside of the summer heat for the best time and begin planning the vacation of your dreams.

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