Family Travel Ideas in Pune

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A perfect blend of commerce, history and modern living makes Pune an ideal holiday destination. The city has several historical sites like forts and caves that make it a worthwhile visit. Here are some ideas for Pune family travel.

Osho Auditorium

For decades, Pune has been a sedate Maharashtrian city. But the arrival of Osho has given the city an international flavor. Visiting the beautiful garden of Osho Teerth is something every tourist in this city must do. This garden has contributed greatly to the city’s environment. The Osho International Meditation Resort is also a must-visit for families holidaying in the city. This resort has won international recognition with thousands of tourists from over 100 countries visiting it every year.

Pratapgad Fort

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this cultural city. The fort is a famous historical site as it played host to the encounter between Shivaji and the ruler of Ahmednagar, Afzal Khan. Tourists will find a 17-foot high statue of Shivaji in the fort. 

Karla Caves

Around 40 km from the city are the famous Buddhist caves called the Karla Caves. These caves date back to 160 B.C. and are said to have the largest chapel (Chaitya) in the country. Tourists can find some of the best preserved Buddhist caves here. Don’t miss the Chaitya hall with its extravagant carvings and architecture.


Not far from the Karla caves is the popular hill station of Lonavla. Making a 1-day stop here is a good idea for families that want to soak in some more sites. Barely an hour or 2 from Pune, Lonavla is best known for its splendid beauty during the rains. The small waterfalls, scenic hills make it popular with tourists. You can find a number of resorts, motels and hotels that offer a comfortable stay. Some of the places to visit in Lonavla are Bushy Dam, Barometer Hill, Lonavla Lake, Tiger’s Leap, Tungarli Dam and Reywood Park.

Rajgad Fort

This is another famous historical site situated just 85 km from the city. It is said to be Shivaji’s favorite fort and can gives tourists a glimpse of the mountain capital. Rajgad Fort offers a good trek. However, it can also be accessed in a much simpler and easier way. The top of the fort provides a glorious view of the Sahyadri Mountain range.

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