Top 5 Must Do's in Panchgani

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Panchgani-Top 5 Musto Do's

Panchgani is surrounded by mountains, hills and jagged cliffs. The Krishna River flows through Panchgani adding to the areas natural beauty. The town has a colonial style and in the past Panchani served as a holiday place for wealthy British families. English boarding schools are remnants of the areas colonial past. Penchgani is a refuge from city life and is the ideal place to relax. Visitors enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Penchgani must do's include water sports, hill stations, caves and temples.

Panchgani Hill Station

Panchgani is named after the five plateaus that surround this area. The hill station has magnificent views of the Krishna River and over the plains of Konkan. In the past this hill station was a British holiday resort and the buildings in this area follow a British architectural design. Trekking is a good way to explore the surrounding region.


Tableland is 4450 feet above sea level making it the highest point in Panchgani. Tableland offers beautiful views and you can see caves such as Devil's Kitchen. Entertainment such as mini trains and merry go rounds can be enjoyed at Tableland. Horse riding is an exciting activity for visitors and is also a good way to explore the area. Sites to see at Tableland include "Pandava's Feet" which, is part of a rock formation, and "One Tree Point". Many Hindi films have been shot at Tableland. Just below Tableland you can enjoy the novelty of eating at a restaurant, which is located in a cave.

Rajapuri Caves

Rajapuri Caves are located 10kms from Panchgani. At the caves there is a temple built to honor Lord Karthikeya. The temple is made out of sand taken from the cave. A temple has also been built to honor the local goddess, Ghatjal Devi. Stone plates adorn the entrance to the caves. There is one main cave which is separate. The other three large caves are connected by underground tunnels. These caves also have important religious significance. They are surrounded by ponds which people believe cure diseases and get rid of evil spirits. To get to the caves you have to travel through villages, which gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


At Tapola visitors can be entertained by a variety of water sports. There are speedboats, motorboats and water scooters to hire.

Parsi Point

Take a picnic and visit Parsi Point. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are beautiful views over Dhom Dam and the Krishna valley. You can also see over the picturesque Wai village. Near Parsi Point is Sydney Point which is another spot that is worth a visit.

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