Things to do in Panchgani

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One should for one time have a walk around the perimeter of table land, which gives a wonderful feeling of being in the midst of only mountains and valleys and rivers.
A walk towards Anjuman school and turn towards wonder point fro a breathtaking sight of the valley and also the whole landscape of panchgani.

Its a good idea to visit some of the shcools and see the variety of students here, Some of the schools also give you the nostalgic feeling of the British Era.
A visit to teh christian cemetry gives you a whole lot of the history of the British era and also of the times it was then.

Though monsoons are very wet here, its a ncie time to ce;lebrate the Fog and the Corn and vadapav on a wet evening and a tea early morning.
One should not miss the Panchgani club where you can play Housie with a whole of people or just relax and play pool or table tennis.
Dont forget the mouth watering ice cream and also the delicious Strawberry. Cycling around panchgani is a wonderful thing to do. A picnic in the woods is a must with the family.

The Jams and Crushes are very famous in Panchgani, there are many factories around this region. One of the most famous one is Mala's. Dont forget to carry some of their products home. As they say it will be a fruitful experience.

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