Senior Travel in Mumbai

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Vacation Tips for Seniors Traveling to Mumbai

There are plenty of things to do for planned Mumbai senior travel. Admittedly, Mumbai is not the most senior-friendly destination considering it has narrow streets and a constantly busy atmosphere. However, the culture is unique, and the even the street vibe is worth engaging in no matter how difficult.

Be Careful 

Mumbai has a street life that goes unrivaled. In its streets are combinations of vendors, pedestrians, holy cows, magicians, healers, rickshaws, buses and colliding taxis. When you are in the area, make sure you have a guide who knows the streets well. The feel of the place is like a labyrinth. One street merges with the other. If you aren’t familiar with the streets, make sure you stick to open squares or follow train destinations where you’re sure not to get lost.

Check out the Art Scene

Aside from the traditional museums and galleries, Mumbai is also famous for its traditional theater and the development of its film industry. Whether you want to attend a play in Hindi or in English, there are several options in Mumbai. You might want to visit the Privti Theater, located at the Western area of Mumbai. The music scene is also thriving in Mumbai. Try to learn their traditional music and dances with frequent concerts of Carnatic Music and Matunga. For some Western-influenced music, establishments outside big colleges cater to students and music enthusiasts alike, and a spontaneous concert or jam session will strike up almost every night.

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