Onward Journey in Mumbai

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The best way to get around in India is the train. But booking a train can be a bit of a hassle. Most trains are booked 15 days before they leave, but fortunately there are the famous quota, more specificly the tourist and emergency quota. The bigger tourist centres like Mumbai, have a special counter where you can buy the tourist quota tickets, they are sold the day before the train leaves. Be there early because tickets to places like Goa are sold very quickly. At smaller stations you can make use of the emergency quota. Buy a waiting list ticket and go to Station Manager and ask for a emergency ticket. Should do the job (most of the time).

When you are at the booking office before buying the ticket you should fill in a booking form, for this you need the train number and the train name. To get this information buy the very handy trains at a glance, a must have for the train traveller in India.

Mumbai has several stations and from all stations there are long-distance trains. The stations are Mumbai CST (formerly Victoria), Christchurch and Dadar. Make sure you are at the right station when you take the train, all trains are booked at the central booking station at CST.

Below are some train times at the time of writing but train-times do change a lot in India so do check when in India.

Gujarat Express : 5.45

Shatabdi Express (Except Friday): 6.25

Firozpur Janta Express: 7.25

Saurashtra Express: 7.45

Swarajya Express ( Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri): 8.20

Paschim Express: 11.35

Karnavati Express (Except Wed.): 13.40

Rajdhani Express (Except Mon.): 16.55

Kutch Express: 17.10

August Kranti Taj. Express (Except Wed.): 17.40

Flying Ranee Express: 17.55

Valsad Fast Passenger: 18.10

Mumbai Jaipur Superfast Express: 19.05

Avantika Express: 19.25

Lokshakti Express: 19.35

Saurashtra Mail: 20.25

Golden Temple Mail: 21.30

Gujarat Mail: 21.50

Dehradun Express (Ex. Bandra): 22.20

Viramgam Passenger: 22.40

Vadodara Express: 23.35

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