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One of the most recommended Mumbai family travel options is visiting the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is counted among the most-visited national parks in Asia.

Reaching Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Tour operators provide packaged deals that include a cab ride to the park along with small meals. Visitors can take the budgeted approach of boarding a local train from the Borivili station. Local trains can be boarded from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The park is located about 40 kilometers from this station. The other terminus is Mumbai Central.

Things to do in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is also called the Borivali Park. The park is uniquely located, being surrounded by commercial townships. The park presents a rare opportunity to witness the best of India’s varied flora and fauna within a few hours. The park’s offerings include the Kanheri Caves. These caves are located within the central part of the park. They are sacred Buddhist caves. Some of the engravings here are believed to date back to 1st century B.C.  The park is surrounded by small hilltops, some of which are intersected by seasonal rivers. The park has two perennial lakes, the Vihar and Tulsi Lakes. During the post-monsoon season, taking short boat rides in the lakes is allowed.


The park is essentially a forest cover. It has more than 800 types of plants. The park is a favored destination for migratory birds. Nearly 300 species of birds can be spotted here. This is apart from the 40 types of mammals and numerous, Asian reptiles that are present throughout the year. One of the most photographed occupant of the park is the largest moth on Earth, the Atlas moth. However, the small family of lions and the spotted leopards are the main attraction for children. These animals can be seen in enclosures that mimic natural surroundings, giving children a first-hand experience of the natural world.

Nature Trails/Treks

Families can take guided tours into the densely forested parts of the park. These trips offer adventure in a safe manner, as the trails are well-guarded. Options include combining the nature hike with rock-climbing or hiking.

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