Budget Travel Ideas in Mumbai

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Mumbai budget travel is a great way to see the city while stretching out your dollar. There are a number of tricks to it, including haggling, shopping around and making smart use of the transportation system.


It is possible to find a bargain on nearly anything in Mumbai through effective haggling. While it is not recommended for sit-down restaurants, it is a good idea to suggest lower prices at street markets throughout the area. From clothing to post cards to electronics, it is generally acceptable to go back and forth on the cost of goods. 

Shopping Around

If you see an item you'd like to purchase, especially electronics, spend some time scouring the area. If you see it at multiple stores and shops, it can likely be had at a decent discount. Mention this to the storekeepers, and they should lower the price in order to secure your business.


Mumbai is a very large city, which can be daunting for pedestrians looking to cover a large area. Throw in the fabled heat and humidity, and you will feel like Virgil navigating the nine circles. Drivers can be hired for around 300 to 500 rupees for a day, and they can take you to your destinations. Often they will suggest their own spots. For one way trips, such as to and from the airport, auto rickshaws are the cheapest way to travel. They are small, so make sure you and your luggage will fit.

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