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Kalamb beach, a fishing boat in the distance

Kalamb beach, a fishing boat in the distance

Anupreet Dhody

Apart from the popular beaches, barely 60 kms away are some of the amazing beaches in all of Mumbai which are absolutely silent and secluded compared to the popular Juhu, Gorai, etc.

The name of this silent beach is Kalamb.


Along the western coast of India, lies the coastal city of Mumbai and thus, one can find a good number of Mumbai Beaches here. The most well-known beaches in Mumbai are generally crowded and are not so clean. However, the lesser known ones are much cleaner and definitely not thronged by the public. Here is a list of Mumbai beaches.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach lies in the western suburban area of Mumbai and has the Arabian Sea as its waters. It can get very crowded in the evening with families and their children. On the beach one can find a number of stalls with vendors selling snacks and drinks. The beach is also frequented by hawkers selling colorful balloons and toys. One can find a good number of hotels that face Juhu Beach.

Chowpatty Beach

Located in the Marine Drive area of Mumbai, Chowpatty Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city. This beach is frequented by families, but sees a huge number of tourists, too. There are several stalls that sell sweet meats, snacks and other refreshments here. The beach also has an adjoining park for senior citizens. Out of all of Mumbai's beaches, Chowpatty Beach seems to be the most well-maintained.

Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach adjoins the village of Gorai in the northwest of Mumbai. From the city of Mumbai, one can reach Gorai Beach by riding on a ferry that crosses the Manori Creek. This beach is very clean and doesn't get too crowded, except during the weekends due to the many families who try to get away from Mumbai city. One can enjoy a cool dip in the sea water here, and the beach is much cleaner than beaches in Mumbai city. There are many resorts that line the beach here, and most of them serve local coastal food.

Marve Beach

The beach zone of Marve lies in Malad's western suburb. This is a good place to visit if you just want to experience the sun and the sand. The beach is absolutely not safe because of sinking sand and fast moving water currents. Along the beach road, one is able to see a good number of villas owned by Mumbai's city dwellers. In order to reach the beach of Marve, one can catch a taxi and auto rickshaw.

Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is by far the cleanest beach in Mumbai. This is because it happens to be one of the least visited. Nowadays though, groups of college students frequent the beach for weekend parties or to simply enjoy a day by the seaside. One can find many villas and resorts to live in when in the Aksa beach area. Aksa Beach is reachable via bus, taxi or auto rickshaw. However, one should not venture too far into the water, as many cases of drowning have occurred here.

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Kalamb Beach.. absolutely serene
Kalamb Beach.. absolutely serene
photo by: Pranav Shah

How to get here:

Come to any western railway suburb, and catch a train heading for Virar. Catch the train from Borivli, Andheri, Bandra or Dadar. Preferably come here arnd 10 am.
Get off at Nallasopara station.
On the West(very close to the station).. there is a bus depot. Board the bus(fare Rs. 7 as of may 2006) heading for Kalamb-Rajodi. Or you could take a private rickshaw(bargain and pay maximum Rs. 70-100) to reach the beach.

If you take the bus, then get off at the Kalamb stop and walk towards the beach (narrow road).

If you want to laze just more..

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