Shopping in Lonavala

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Lonavala, the lush hill station in Maharashtra welcomes a large number of tourists throughout the year and hence there's a lot of Lonavala Shopping to be done here. The most popular items that tourists shop for are souvenirs, chikki (a bar of nuts held together by sticky caramel), fudge in all flavors with chocolate being the most favored, jams, jellies and chewda (a mixture of nuts and raisins). All of these products are made in Lonavala and tourists visiting Lonavala should make sure that they don't leave without sampling these local delights.

Lonavala Bazaar

On the crowded street of Lonavala Bazaar, one can find everything they need from morning until around 11:00 p.m. The road is lined with small shops selling trinkets, carved wooden figures, key chains, cane products and other souvenirs. Visitors can also purchase clothes from any of the shops located in Lonavala Bazaar. The Bazaar also houses many street side shops selling freshly made snacks.

Maganlal Chikki Center

Once you reach Lonavala, you cannot help but notice the large number of Maganlal stores everywhere. This is because Maganlal's has come to be known over the years for its freshly prepared and extremely delicious chikki, which is a caramelized sweet made up of fry fruits and nuts.

A1 Stores

A1 Stores is located in the heart of the Lonavala Bazaar. Here, you will be spoilt for choice with the wide range of dry fruits, chikki and other Indian sweet meats, all of which are freshly prepared. The chocolate fudge is a must buy from here and is always packed well so that you can carry it back home with you.

National Chikki

National Chikki is once again located in the Lonavala Bazaar and is famous not only for its different chikki flavors, but also for its wide selection of freshly prepared fudge. However, the wide counter full of different kinds of snacks is what draws people to National Chikki. You can choose from many different types of wafer chips and namkeen, which is an Indian snack that consists of dry fruits, nuts, corn flakes and gram flour.

Shoe Corner

Shoe Corner is located just opposite Friends Chikki in Lonavala. Tourists who are visiting the hill station of Lonavala never leave without purchasing a pair of famous 'Kohlapuri" slippers, which are available in every color of the rainbow. Other well-known brands such as Bata and Indian shoe brands like Action, Campus, Lakhani and Paragon are all available here. So you can expect to find sandals, slippers, sneakers and running shoes all under one roof at Lonavala's Shoe Corner.

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Chetana Footwear

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Chetana Footwear is located in the heart of the town on MG Road. It is one of the oldest and unique footwear shop since last 40 years. All the well known brands are available like Bata, Action, Lakhani, Paragon, Campus, Liberty, Metro etc.. in different variety and style for all ages. Apart from Footwears in rainy season this shop has a wide range of Umbrella's and raincoats. This shop is a must visit for those who want to add some good pair footwer to their collection.

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address:Chetana Footwear MG Road Lonavala


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Fine Footwear

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Fine Footwear is a sister concern of Chetana Footwear in Lonavala which is located in the market opp. LMC. This footwear is renouned for variety, style and excellence in the footwear world. A must visit for any kind of footwear.

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accessibility:24 hrs
address:Fine footwear opp Mahatma Gandhi hall, MG Road , Lonavala
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