Senior Travel in Lonavala

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The Lonavala senior travel deals are not very popular nowadays. Airlines and hotels no longer offer regular senior discounts. However, you can opt for budget airlines though, which offer lower prices with the same comfort and amenities offered by regular airlines.  

Sites for Senior Travelers

From Pune International Airport, you can travel to Lonavala through train or bus. Traveling by tourist buses may not be luxurious, but are more comfortable than ordinary buses. You can lodge comfortably at Fariyas Holiday Resort, Swiss Resorts, Bhide resorts and Water Park. If you are up to certain waterfront activities, you might want to visit the Ryewood Park and Tungarli Lake. These are tours that are not strenuous and which you can easily engage in.

More Activities

If you are physically fit, you can join mountain trekking and mountain climbing at Tiger’s Leap, where you have to hike around one mile to the summit. This is an exciting exploration because you can have a close encounter with nature and enjoy the peace and serenity that only Mother Nature can offer. The scenic view from atop is also breath taking; your effort would be compensated very well. The weather is good and you experience less inclement weather. If you want to go mountain climbing, you may want to bring light sweaters, because it is usually cold in the evenings. This is not a recommended activity for seniors who have not been hiking though.

Food is usually spicy, so if you have certain allergies to certain foods, and you want to have a taste of Indian dishes, then you will have to inquire about the condiments of the dishes.

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