Nightlife and Entertainment in Lonavala

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Though there aren’t that many night clubs in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India, the Lonavala Nightlife and brand of entertainment still promises a good experience to vacationers.

Lonavala, also known as the “Jewel of the Sahyadri Mountains,” is set 1,900 feet above sea level. Many regard this business capital as the most attractive hill station. It has a lot of sights and tourist attractions, especially the annual events that draw in tourists from all over the world.

Your own Night Parties

Tourists who love to go out come night time have a relatively limited choice of activities to do because establishments are seldom open during the late hours. So aside from small house parties, you might want to consider a hike with your friends in different remarkable parks around the area. Get some refreshing drinks and enjoy the scenic views from an elevated point of view.

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

This festival is held from mid-August to mid-September. The festival pays tribute to Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati. It is actually the month-long celebration of Ganesha’s birthday who is regarded as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. Lots of local artists, cultural establishments, and businesses take this festival as an opportunity for income. This translates to wide array of products that you can buy as gift items or souvenirs. Be sure to observe the locals as they take part in rituals like the street procession of Ganesha’s statue.


This is the final evening of the yearly Navaratri festival which signals the start of the harvest season. Locals offer rituals and goods to the goddess, Durga in exchange for clean water and a hefty harvest.

Professional Cricket

Cricket is a big sport for Indians, especially the residents of Lonavala, Maharashtra. If you’re not familiar with the rules of cricket but want to witness and enjoy the games at the stadium, brief yourself with a little research and buy your tickets. Watching it at the stadium will give you the feel of the locals’ passion for this sport.

Even with the absence of the usual dance clubs and bars to which you are accustomed, these leisure activities can still provide a memorable vacation trip and a fun-packed Lonavala nightlife. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, an art fan, a nature-lover, or just a typical vacationer with lots of interests, these sights and events will let you experience the warm welcome of the locals, and the exciting entertainment events all year round.

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