Getting There in Lonavala

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For visitors planning trips to Lonavala, the getting there information listed below should be very handy. Lonavala is situated among the low-rise Sahyadri mountain ranges of Maharashtra. It is strategically located, midway between Pune and Mumbai, making it one of Maharashtra’s most popular getaways. This location also ensures a wide array of transport options for reaching Lonavala. Lonavala is located about 104 km from the central part of Mumbai.

Getting There by Air

Lonavala is a small town and doesn’t have its own, international airport. The closest, international airport is located in Pune. It is situated at a distance of 66 km away. Connecting cabs from the airport are easily available. Similarly, visitors getting down at the international air terminal of Mumbai (CSIA) can find cabs for Lonavala. Mumbai’s CSIA receives international flights from across the world.

Getting There by Train

Lonavala is well-connected through a broad-gauge rail transit system. Most local trains from the nearby metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Pune make scheduled stops at Lonavala. Trains beginning from Mumbai are express trains, making few stops en route to Lonavala. The entire journey takes about one hour.

Important terminals in Mumbai for boarding trains to Lonavala are:

  • Mumbai CST
  • Lokmanyatilak
  • Dadar

Getting There by Bus

Very comfortable, air-conditioned buses can be boarded from various locations in Mumbai. Visitors should ask for Volvo buses since these buses provide the most comfortable ride. Plying along the Mumbai Expressway, these buses run fast, scheduled services. The stop for Lonavala is located on the highway itself, helping people save upon any expenses for any connecting transport.

Getting There by Taxis

Boarding shared cabs is the most favored choice for people traveling to Lonavala from Mumbai. Most of the cab-boarding locales in places like Vashi and Dadar, in Mumbai, schedule rides to Lonavala throughout the day.

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Getting there

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Lonavala is barely 2 hours away from Mumbai by road.

There are a number of State Transport buses plying the route from Mumbai to Lonavala. Most Buses start from the Dadar bus station. The "luxury Volvo" buses are extremely comfortable and are well priced.

You can also drive out of Mumbai via New Bombay or Vashi and take the new expressway. This will take you just an hour from New Bombay. The roads are well maintained so it is a pleasure to drive.


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Maharashtra State Road transport buses are available from Mumbai, Pune.

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