Beaches in Lonavala

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Whether you're looking for family entertainment or just the chance to soak up the sun, Lonavala beaches have what you're loooking for. The town of Lonavala is a quaint and picturesque little hill town near the city of Mumbai. It is also known as the Jewle of the Sahyadri Mountrain, and has a nice climate for most of the year and includes many great scenic views.


Gokarna is a small holy town within Lonavala and holds four of India's most secluded and pristine beaches. Both pious pilgrims and holiday tourists come to visit with an equal amount of enthusiasm. Other attractions this place has to offer include temples and wonderful places to take hikes as well as natural caves with exquisite views and sites. You can even find yourself a cultural hut right on the beach to spend the night in, giving yourself an old-fashioned Lonavala stay. Of course there are hotels to be found in Lonavala, but they have much less character than the places you can find right on the beach and they lack the wonder of being right there on the tanned shores. Namaste Cafe is a popular place to stay if you are thinking of staying at Om beach.

Weather in Gokarna

Gokarna is an area that falls into the southwestern monsoon season from June to August, and the weather after that is very dry and sunny which makes beach going the perfect activity to cool off in it's clear waters. The best time to plan your trip to Gokarna is anytime in between October and March which is when the weather is perfectly warm and pleasant to be in. April and May are hot summer months for this area and on most days the temperature can easily reach 100 degrees F.

Gokarna Beaches

The best part for tourists is that there are more than one beache in Gokarna, and all of them are lined up perfectly one after another with short travel distances in between them. There are four beaches that are the most popular, and they are Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Halfmoon Beach. Though all of the beaches in Gokarna are beautiful and scenic, tourists most often find Om Beach to be the best one because it is the only one that can be reached by car or rickshaw. All the others are about 20 minutes worth of a hike away from each other, or a short boat ride away. Paradise Beach is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a quiet time. It is a small, hole-in-the-wall kind of beach that is frequented by fans of nature who just want a few moments alone in a quiet setting with the natural beauty of their surroundings.

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