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Lonavala is a Hill station in Maharashtra. Also known as the jewel of the Sahyadri Mountains. This Hill Station is also a popular Health Resort in the western ranges on the Sahyadri. Situated at a height of 625 mtrs. above sea level it is a popular getaway from Mumbai and Pune, located just 110kms from Mumbai and 64kms from Pune. The population is approximately 50,000.

The weather in Lonavala is pleasant. Summers (April-June) are mild, while winters are cool (November-February). It experiences heavy southwestern monsoon rains between June and September.

The mountainous terrain of Lonavala is ideal for trekking and hiking.

Lonavala is very famous for Chikki . It is a sweet preparation made of jaggery and peanuts or cashewnuts or sesame seeds. It is a harder version of fudge which is also available in different varieties.


Nestled amidst the misty Sahyadri range, Lonavala is a well-known hill station in Maharashtra and this Lonavala Travel Guide will tell you everything you need to know about this getaway. Lonavala has many things to see and do, thus you can never get bored in this town that lies in the lap of nature. Also, it is a very safe place to travel to with family.


If you happen to be traveling from Mumbai, you can take a private taxi to Lonavala. You will reach your destination in around two hours using the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Once in Lonavala, you can move around the city with the help of local auto rickshaws or private taxis which can be found almost everywhere.

In Nature's Cradle

Lonavala lies at a height of 625 meters and is set amidst lush green hills. After leaving the city behind, you will notice the abundance of greenery. There is also a large number of big and small waterfalls in the area, especially during the monsoon season from June to September. Another iconic sight of Lonavala is the many monkeys that can be found everywhere. It is also a great place to go bird-watching.

Town Area

The main town area is called Lonavala Bazaar. In this bustling market, one is able to find a good number of restaurants as well as street side eateries that serve freshly made snacks. When visiting Lonavala, one shouldn't miss the chance to taste local sweet delights also known as "chikki" and fudge. A-1 and Maganlal Stores are the most famous for these sweets. Other shops in the town area sell imitation jewelry, cane products, footwear and clothes.

Sights to See

Lonavala has a good number of sightseeing points such as Duke's Nose, Rajmachi Point, Lohagad Fort, Bushy Dam, Lion's Point, Tungarli Lake/Dam and Shooting Point, all of which offer an excellent view of the lush green hill station. Another must-visit when in Lonavala is the Karla Caves which were built by Buddhist monks in the second or third century.

Where to Stay

Since Lonavala is such a famous weekend get-a-way, there is a plethora of accommodation options available. The Lagoona Resort and the Upper Deck Resort are both amazing places to stay at if you want to retain an earthy feel to your holiday. If plush comfort is what you are after, then Fariyas Hotel, Citrus Hotel and Brightlands are some of the hotels you should be looking at. You end up spending more than $100 per night on accommodations in the fanciest of hotels here. The food served in these hotels and resorts is tasty, but more importantly it is always cooked in a safe and hygienic way.


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