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The Konkan is a region of the western coast of India, and is also referred to as Karavali. In the Konkan, when to go guide you will realize you can go any time of the year, as this area exhibits a cool and comfortable climate throughout the year. Learn more about the climate and weather conditions to expect while traveling to the Konkan below.

Monsoonal Climate

The climate of the Konkan is typically monsoonal and possesses hot, rainy, and cold weather seasons throughout the year. The months between March and April are usually the hottest, and during this time thunderstorms are common. The southwest monsoon begins in June and rain spreads during this time. July and August are quite rainy and typically the wettest months of the year, but by September the rainfall has weakened. October generally means the region will become dryer and sunnier, as well as humid. The months following October will be cool and dry, with mostly clear skies and pleasant breezes.

The Seasons of the Konkan

Winter occurs from December to early March. Due to the tropical climate of the region, the temperatures during this time are only slightly lower than in other months. Average temperatures for the winter season are between 20 to 25 degrees C.

Summer, or pre-monsoon season, occurs from March to June, and the hottest month is usually April. Temperatures average 32 to 40 degrees C during these months.

Monsoon season is between June and September, and most of the annual precipitation occurs during this time. These monsoons are brought to India by a low pressure area that is caused by the overwhelming heat of the Thar Desert and nearby areas. Winds loaded with moisture from the Indian Ocean come to fill up the empty space, but are not able to pass through the Himalayan region. This causes them to rise and the gain in altitude of the clouds brings a temperature drop, resulting in rain.

Post-monsoon season lasts from October to December, and is often a dry season for the Konkan.

What to Wear in the Konkan

In general, the climate of the Konkan is moderate. Visitors would do best wearing cotton clothing all though the year, with slightly heavier clothing in winter months.  This may mean wearing light woolens in the months between December and March. During the rainy monsoon season, it is strongly advised to have proper rain gear and clothing to protect against wetness.

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