Top 5 Must Do's in Konkan

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Konkan is a tourist place in state of Maharashtra in India. You will find many glorious Forts, Beaches and many attractions where you can hangout. You can also enjoy trekking at Konkan Kada. The Konkan region stretches right from Mangalore to Thane; it is approximately 40km wide land strip that is located between Deccan plateau and the Arabian Sea.

Ashta Vinayak

If you are religious and believe in God this is a perfect location for making your inner self a pure soul. This is a must do when you visit the Konkan region. This includes visits of eight temples of Lord Ganesha. It is called as Ashtavinayak Darshan as the word itself clarifies, Ashta means eight and Vinayak means Lord Ganesha. All the temples are self originated and Jagrut. All the eight temples have various names of Lord.

Fruit Market

If you are visiting Konkan during summer you will benefit from the several fruits available at this time such as the Hapus or Alphonso Mango. This is one of the best mangoes in the region. Special fruits from this regions are Kokam, Jambhul, Cashewnut, Fanas and Karvanda . Take a trip to the local fruit market to enjoy these delicious fruits. You can relish many dishes that are especially made with the spices that are found in this region.

Konkan Delights

The drinks that are hand made in this region are famous throughout the country. Cool Kokam juice is very tasteful that is made by Kokam. Raw mango juice that is called Amba Panha is equally famous. Fresh palm sap is served that is good for health as wealth as tasteful. Rotis that are made on wood coal must be tasted at least once. Amti Bhat is the exclusive cuisine of this region.

Forts in Konkan

If you are a person who loves visiting historical places then this is a perfect destination for you. This region is full of historical forts that have a perfect architectural background and each fort has its own history. The most popular forts that must be visited are Sindhudurg Fort, Ramgarh Fort and the Shivgarh Fort among many others.

Beach Visit

If you are a beach lover, you will find a number of beaches that can be enjoyed with their complete natural beauty. Many beaches are yet undiscovered by the tourists so you can enjoy this with no public rush. Some of the beaches that should be visited are Nivti Beach, Devbaug Beach, Velagar Beach and Kolamb Beach. You will feel the place is your own as the people in this region are popular for their hospitality.

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