Sights in Konkan

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Visiting Mumbai

A trip to western India’s beautiful coastal region of Konkan would be best started in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), one of the largest urban centers in the world. Once you leave your hotel, whether it is the Taj Mahal Hotel or one of the many hostels, head to the Gateway of India. This 85-foot tall monument combines the unparalleled beauty of both Hindu and Muslim architecture. Before traveling to the Mumbai City District (also known as Island City) for the night life, be sure to head to the upscale neighborhood of Cuffe Parade on the southernmost point of Mumbai. From here you will be able to get a breathtaking view of the Mumbai Skyline.

Traveling Inland

Roughly 499 km northeast of Mumbai in Konkan’s Sindhudurg District is the city of Sawantwadi. Sawantwadi was the capital city of the Kingdom of Sawantwadi and home to the famous Sawantwadi Palace, which was built in the late 18th century surrounding Moti-Talao (Talao Lake). The royal family has taken a personal interest in the local arts which have become a must see for Konkan tourists. The Sawantwadi Palace holds training sessions and workshops for new generations of artisans, so be sure to pick up one of their beautiful and unique wooden toys while you are in the area (these items tend to be expensive because of their rarity and craftsmanship).

Rural Konkan

A trip to Konkan’s inland Amboli is uphill from the coast through the beautiful hills and valleys and is an “eco hot-spot.” This remote destination is a favorite among nature lovers, due to its unique and flourishing flora and fauna. Rainfall in this part of Konkan’s hill country averages 7 m a year, leaving stunning waterfalls in its wake that are a "must see." History buffs will also be thrilled with the unearthed Shiva Temples in the area. This unpolluted, unspoiled, and most importantly, non-commercial part of Konkan is a must see for any traveler who wants to witness small town life in Konkan. And the friendly locals add a nice touch.

The Sahyadri Mountains

The more experienced adventurer will not want to miss the Sahyadri Mountain Range, more commonly known as the Western Ghats. This is the most rugged part of the Konkan region mostly due to its inaccessibility; this was changed in the early 1990s with the completion of the Konkan Railway. With an average elevation of 1,200 m, the Western Ghats form a veritable oasis of unique plant and animal life (including several threatened species), a must see for any eco-tourist.

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