Senior Travel in Konkan

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There are many opportunities of tourism and activities for Konkan Senior Travel. The region is friendly and safe to travel. This is the perfect holiday destination if you love the sea and seafood.

Konkan Beach and Fort Tour

If you are on the lookout for clean white beaches in India, then Konkan Beaches are the ultimate destination. There are several beaches that are still unexplored by tourists. Unlike other beaches in India, Konkan Beaches are not crowded. However, some of the beaches are very dangerous due to high tide and should be avoided. Some of the famous beaches here are Alibag, Murud, Kihim and Kashid. The pollution free atmosphere and breathtaking beauty of the sea and its surroundings are not found elsewhere in India. You can enjoy swimming or laze around in the sand for hours drinking coconut milk. If you are lucky then you can also get a rare view of the Dolphins diving in the sea. Most of these beaches have historical island forts in the backdrop. Some of the renowned forts are Kulaba Fort, Janjira Fort and Sindhudurg Fort. You can take a ferry down to these forts and explore them. However during high tide it becomes very dangerous. Therefore you must pay heed to the locals warnings.

Konkan Temple Tour

There are several ancient temples in and around the beaches in Konkan regions. Lots of pilgrims visit these temples throughout the year. These temples are not just places of worship but they also give good insight into the history of the place. You can also learn about the temple architecture in India. Some of the renowned temples in Kokan are Ganpatipule Temple in Ratnagiri district, Sri Harihareshwar Temple in Raigad district and Kunkeshwar Temple in Devgad town. All these temples are along the beaches and are easily accessible.

Enjoy Konkan Cuisine 

If you like seafood then Konkan cuisine is a must try during your trip here. Known for its distinct flavor, the cuisine is very hot and spicy. The ingredients are mostly coconut in various forms like grated, coconut milk, dry coconut etc. Malvani Prawns Masala, Malvani Fish Fry and Crab Curry are some of the delicious cuisines here. Be sure not to forgot about the appetizer Sol Kadhi. You will not find any big restaurants in the region. Most of the towns here have small dining places which are clean and offer tasty food at economical price. 

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