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Konkan Museums are placed at a narrow belt situated in the middle of Arabian Sea and the mountain belt at Konkan, a part of Maharashtra. The place has numerous museums with their own importance. Some of the Konkan Museums are as mentioned below:- Siddhagiri Museum The Siddhagiri Museum is among the most famous Konkan Museums. It is built up keeping in mind the characteristics of Konkan areas. At the entrance of the museum, the house wife is seen preparing a glass of paste. When you go to the central part of the museum, you can see two ladies bathing a new born baby. This is a tradition in the region and is called as ‘Opsaawanj’. Prachin konkan Museum Malgund has a museum constructed by the 27 year old Vaibhav Sardesai. Malgund is well known for the Prachin Konkan which means Ancient Konkan. It is unique in itself as it is an open air museum and shows the old culture of basically Konkan areas. It is among the most famous Konkan Museums. It covers the area of about 3 acres on hillside. Besides these, the Kolaba Fort, built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1652 is another famous place to see the historical scenario of the place. It is situated in the sea at about 2 km from the Alibag shore. The Konkan Museums, thus add to the beauty of the region. The place is quite famous for the historical background. The fort has 25 feet high walls with two doors.
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