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accommodation in Konkan

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With Konkan hotels ranging from budget to luxury, it is possible for travelers with any budget to explore this coastal area rich in history and culture. Opened up to visitors by the construction of a railway connecting the area to larger nearby cities like Mumbai in the early 90s, the Konkan area has grown as a tourist destination, bringing its unique coastal cuisine and storied past beyond the dividing Western Ghats mountain range.

Staying in Konkan

The Konkan area is defined as a narrow space between Sahyadri mountain and the Arabian sea. It is part of the state of Maharashtra and is separated into 5 districts. Though the boundaries of Konkan varies depending on who you are talking to, generally the region is described as the coastal area from Raigad to Mangalore.

Hotels here range considerably depending on which area of the Konkan coastline you will be visiting and what level of comfort and convenience you desire. While great deals can be found in Mangalore for beach properties, in Goa rates will be considerably higher depending on the location of your hotel in proximity to the beach. There is a complete range of amenities and accommodations throughout the region from very inexpensive (less than $10) to luxury (upwards of $100).

Many hotels prices here are based on amenities included with a big one being air conditioning versus a fan-cooled room. Do not put too much stock in this however, as unless you are staying at a luxury hotel, "brown outs" are very common and most hotels will not have a generator, rendering the manner of cooling useless.  

Mid Range Hotels

If you will be visiting Kankavli, the Shri Sai Palace Hotel is a nice place to stay. Featuring a variety of rooms ranging from fan rooms to deluxe AC, this hotel is modestly priced with rooms starting at just under $10.

Hotel Konkan Crown is a nice modern hotel and resort located in South Konkan. Featuring a swimming pool and deluxe AC rooms, this 3-star resort is a great place to enjoy the surrounding scenery and rooms start at around $30.

Luxury Hotels

Dapoli is a nice hill station nestled near the coast with some great scenery and sereneness. Here the Aryawarta Holiday Villas is a great place to enjoy a relaxing escape from city traveling. Villas here start around $75 for a family of 3 and include vegetarian food.

The Konkan coastline is lovely to visit and is a nice area for an overnight or extended stay. Depending on what sights you wish to explore, you will rather easily be able to find a nice hotel in close proximity to the sights. Practice due diligence and find a nice and comfortable accommodation to suit your needs.

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