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Dombivli is a fast growing town in Mumbai, and it's full of Dombivli sights. It is specifically located at Kalyan Tahsil, some 20 km from Thane and 6km from Kalyan. It is the railway station in the Central Railway Mumbai. The small town of Dombivli has existed since 800 years ago. There are stone inscriptions written by King Harpal Dev that can prove to the great heritage of this town. These stone inscriptions are kept and preserved in the museum found in Dombivli.

Dombivli is cornered in the center by ruins of villages from the Portuguese conquest. The CHOLE village stands on the east; the Airey village to the west; the Patharli village to the south; and the Thakurli village in the north. Tourism in Dombivli relies on the town’s historical and religious places. There are temples and celebrations in Dombivli that commemorates the small town’s history and culture. Here is the list of the notable Dombivli sights and celebrations:

Rotary Club Park

This park is a resort-like place in Dombivli. Its neighboring establishments, KV Pendharkar College and Tilak Nagar College, draw a lot of people who are out on a romantic date. This park could get quite relaxing if the traffic doesn’t cause too much of a nuisance.  

Ganapati Temple

This is a place where one can lounge to chat and enjoy the nice sunset.

Phadke Road

It is in here that when the sun finally rises in the morning, you can hardly put a needle in the thick throng of crowd. The perfect time to stroll Phadke road is on a Sunday evening. You can find some entertainment stirred by young people in this place. There are young people bringing down DJ spinners and would play in the middle of the crowd. 

Gudhi Pawdwa Celebration

This celebration is a must see, as it celebrates the coming of the new year of the Marathi calendar.

Ayyapa Temple and Utsav mela Celebrations

These two must-see celebrations occur in December. The celebration in Ayyapa Temple happens in the 2 nd and 3 rd weekend of December.

Ganpati Mandir

Ganpati Mandir is one of the most famous temples in the south Asian world and definitely the most famous temple in Dombivli. To visit this Dombivli site, walk towards Thakurli on the road next to the railway line. Eventually, you will see a red temple. This is Ganpati Mandir.

Somwar Bazaar

Bazaars are busy markets that are usually street based. This particular one is one of the busiest in the city and one of the few that has a reputable reputation for being one of the least expensive when it comes to sources of goods for consumers. This particular bazaar often attracts crowds from other suburbs of the city as well as its own. People typically come to this bazaar from as far away as Vangani and Titwala.


If you’re more interested in marketplaces than the local temples, then this is one of the Dombivli sights you’re going to want to see. This particular market is the heart of the Dmbivli market. This shopping Mela is held on the Dombivli Gymkhana in the final week of December. It lasts for up to nine days before New Year’s Eve.


The most important thing about city is it has a very old stone sculpture (Shilalekh) placed near the Gaavdevi temple on the East side of city. Although often times overlooked by the citizens, it's historical value must be appreciated.

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Rotary Club Park

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The Rotary Club Park in MIDC is sort of a resort to the crowded city of Dombivli.  The adjacent KV Pendharkar College, Tilak Nagar College generates a lot of "romantic" traffic.  The street-side hawkers sometimes tend to be nuisance.  In spite of all these challenges, one can find this park quite relaxing and a decent break from the hustle of the city.

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Reti Bunder

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Reti Bunder is one of the best places to hang out during evening time. It is a place where soil mining is done, it also has a temple and a boating facility. It has a good and organized place to sit and have " chats ". Check it out.

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