Shopping in Dombivli

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The town of Dombivli has many areas of interest for Dombivli Shopping. The town itself is situated in the district of Thane in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Lying at around 50 km from the busy city of Mumbai, Dombivli also has many shopping centers just like Mumbai. Here are the main shopping zones to visit if you happen to be in Dombivli.


If you want to stock up on groceries, then head straight for the Spinach store, which is the main super market in Dombivli. Here, you will be able to choose from a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruits, baked food, snacks, packed poultry, fish and meat as well as home products. This supermarket is housed in the Dattamilan Co-op Society on Vijaya Bank Manpada Road in Dombivli East.


Utsav is a shopping festival that one shouldn't miss. This festival takes place in the last week of December and lasts for about nine days. It is held on the Dombivli Gymkhana grounds and is frequented every year not just by the Dombivli locals, but also by other people who come especially for this festival from far and wide. Here, you can expect to stock up on art, crafts, ornaments, pickled vegetables, Indian sweet meats and freshly prepared street-side snacks.

Shopping Centers

Dombivli has quite a number of shopping centers, although they aren't very large in size. The most notable of the lot include Citi Mall and Empress Mall. You won't be able to find luxury brands at any of Dombivli's shopping centers. On the contrary, you will find the mall's lined with local stores that sell everything from Indian and Western attire to shoes, accessories, home furnishing and food.

Dombivli Station Road

If bargain hunting is what you are after, then you should most definitely head to the Dombivli Railway Station Road. The road leading up to the station is filled with little stalls that sell clothes of all kinds at much better rates than anywhere else in the city. You will also find a good number of shops selling watches, shoes, sun glasses, lighters and other odd goods.

Kelkar Road

If street-side shopping really interests you, then Dombivli's Kelkar Road is one that shouldn't be left off your list of things to do. Kelkar Road is lined with shops that sell local as well as branded clothes, shoes and accessories. You will also be able to find shops selling art and craft items, food, home items and local food ingredients. However, it must be noted that Kelkar Road is known to sell goods at higher prices.

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