Senior Travel in Dombivli

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Dombivli for Seniors

Found conveniently near bigger cities like Mumbai and Thane, Dombivli senior travel is a great way to escape city life. Here are a few tips for seniors when going to Dombivli.

Rent a Rickshaw

Dombivli is best seen by foot, but this may prove to be inconvenient. The bus is not effective when you want to see the different sights and sounds, since it travels a particular route and may not reach the tourist spots you want to see. Instead, you may rent a rickshaw for a day. Ask a driver in advance if he will allow such an agreement. Most rickshaws have fixed prices no matter the destination. Rates aren’t based on distance. It might be inconvenient, not to mention expensive, when you transfer from one rickshaw to another, so negotiate with the driver to rent his rickshaw for a whole day. One rickshaw ride will be about $0.25.

Go to Phadke Road

Phadke Road is probably the busiest street in Dombivli, especially on weekends when everyone is dressed up and moving all over the place. This is a fun experience, but the constant flow of people may lead to accidents if you are not careful. To be sure, bring someone to assist or guide you through the street.

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