Practical Information in Dombivli

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This Dombivli practical information guide is very important for you to enjoy your stay in Dombivli which is a city in the Thane District in India. Dombivli is considered to be the second cultural capital of India and is famous for its Hindu temples and architecture. Here is some of the information that will be useful in your stay in Dombivli.

Small City

According to the latest census made in 2001, the population of Dombivli is 1,193,000 and is still growing. In fact, the ratio of population between men and women in Dombivli is 53 percent and 47 percent respectively. The average literacy is also higher in this city to which 84 percent of males are literate. Due to the big population of Dombivli, walking along the streets of the city on a Sunday afternoon also gives you the impression that you are walking in the streets of New York, only you are not walking on well-paved roads or between towering buildings.


The huge population of Dombivli can understand little English, thus communication with the locals can be a bit challenging. To remedy this, never go out of your hotel room without a travel guide or an English-Hindi dictionary to make it easier for you to move around the city. But then, if you are lucky, there are some people in Dombivli who can speak impeccable English.  These people are hard to find, however, so you really need to stick to carrying your dictionary with you all the time.

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