Nightlife and Entertainment in Dombivli

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If your travels take you to India, then you simply can't miss out on the entertainment of Dombivli nightlife. There are many things to do during the night, and many fantastic sites to see.


One thing that is always fun is visiting discotheques, and Dombivli has many different ones to choose from. It all depends on what you're looking for in your fun-filled night. Some of the local discotheques include J49 Disco, Lodha Casa Rio Mumbai, Disco Music House, Jolly Rogers Disco, Disco Music Centre, Trimurti Disco, DJ Marky Mark, and Disco Winding Words. In any of these places you can have yourself a fun, music-filled night.

Bars and Pubs

Another fun thing to do at night is to visit bars and pubs; for those over twenty-one, that is. Dombivli has a wide variety of bars and pubs within its city limits, all with their own themes and environments. Bar hopping can be very entertaining. Have a few drinks in each bar to see how each one differs, and enjoy the beautiful walk between them all. Some of the bars and pubs include Prashant Bar and Restaurant, Umesh Snacks Bar, Bandish Palace, Utsav Bar and Restaurant, Vijay Bar and Restaurant, Sarovar Bar, Barista Lavazza, Atithi Restaurant and Bar, Czar Bar, Railway Bar, Deccan Bar, and Moni's Restaurant and Bar.

The Jail Lounge Bar

Here you can find five of the major villains of the Indian Bollywood industry nestled in one place. The theme of the restaurant is obvious by the name, and it is well presented. Waiters come to the table dressed as jailors, and fake prisoners position themselves behind bars in spots throughout the restaurant. Arched brick walls are a major part of the building, and the walls are decorated with weapon artifacts. Even the dishes your food is served on are covered in the familiar black and white stripes of most jailhouse movies. There are also a large variety of cocktails and other drinks to choose from, including spirits, martinis, shooters, liqueurs, and fruit-based mocktail drinks. Live DJs spin records to set the mood.


This hip nightclub features cutting edge urban dance music, and at the bar you can find Indian snacks and refreshments. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are served here, as well as a full-flavor variety of beverages, mocktails, cocktails, smoothies, and soft drinks.

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