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Best of Dombivli Museums

Visiting Dombivli museums helps to understand the cultural traits that have popularized Dombivli as one of Maharashtra’s major tourist destinations. Dombivli is one of Maharashtra’s suburbs, located about 52 kilometers from the financial capital of Mumbai.

Dombivli Art Museum

This is a private museum owned by an internationally renowned sculptor, Sadashiv Sathe. However, there are no entry-related problems for visitors. The museum is open to both serious buyers and onlookers. The museum serves as an exhibition hall on certain dates when private collections of popular international artists are hosted. Visitors here also get a chance to take part in live demonstrations of sculpting. There are small tours that help to understand the nuances of rock sculpting techniques developed in India. Some of the exhibitions detail the art of engraving that is widely used in Hindu temples. The museum contains hundreds of rare miniature replicas, created from fiberglass, bronze and semi-precious stones. Further, the museum regularly hosts creations by up-and-coming Asian artists. There are many books on Maharashtra’s history here, particularly those detailing its fight for freedom against different regimes that ruled India. It is located within the MIDC estate.

Doll Museum

This museum is dedicated to exhibiting the traditional form of doll-making practiced in the rural parts of India. The dolls have been sourced from the ethnic artists who are often exploited when trying to sell in the free market. The dolls have been created from clay and terracotta. Some of the dolls represent various forms of traditional Indian dances like Bharatnatyam and Odissi. One part of the doll selection has been dedicated to displaying various forms of bridal dresses prevalent in India. The museum is located within Rotary Bhavan.

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