Beaches in Dombivli

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While there aren’t any Dombivli beaches in Dombivli Maharashtra, you will be able to relax at numerous other beaches that are nearly 70 to 80 km away from Dombivli. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and attractions located around these beaches that offer travelers a break, from the craziness of the city. The most popular beaches that line the coast of Maharashtra include Manori, Marve Beach, Aksa Beach and Juhu Beach. Juhu Beach is the most popular beach in Maharashtra and thus very crowded. It would take you on an average about twp hours to get to this beach from Dombivli, particularly if you’re stuck in traffic. So if you want to get away from the crowds and the buzz of the city life, head on over to some of the other beaches located an hour away from Dombivli.


Manori makes an ideal picnic spot for travelers. It not only offers breathtaking sea views but it also has two famous historic and religious sites. If you want to simply relax and take in the sea breeze, you relax on the sand beneath the numerous palm trees. You can also book yourself at a hotel or better still a "bungalow" for a unique experience. If you’re in the mood for some fun and adventure, visit the two large amusement parks that attract thousands of visitors each day. You will have to take a ferry ride to get to these amusement parks from Manori, which is in itself, a thrilling experience.


Marve Beach is not that far from Manori. You can take the ferry ride from Marve to get across to the Manori Island. Most people generally use the Marve Beach to get to the two amusement parks located within close proximity and while the beach looks very inviting, it’s known for its swift sands and powerful under currents. So make sure you don’t get into the water when you’re advised not to do so.

Aksa Beach

Like Juhu Beach, Aksa Beach is a famous tourist spot. What makes this beach so special is its calm and quiet atmosphere. You will find plenty of small cottages in and around the neighborhood along with some plush hotels. One end of this beach is home to the Indian Naval Base while the other end features a quaint beach called Dana Paani. Aksa Beach is also known for its strong currents and sinking sands and swimmers are asked to exert extra caution. You’ll find plenty of vendors selling local fast foods and treats. Some of these include roasted corn cobs, popcorn, cotton candy and Indian tea. You can also buy certain street foods like "Bhel"or "Samosa" from other vendors but most of these food items aren’t prepared in the most hygienic conditions.

Juhu Beach

This popular beach in Maharashtra is situated along the Arabian Sea. Being a popular tourist attraction it does get crowded after 4 p.m. The beach isn’t as quiet and serene as most other beaches in Maharashtra. But it welcomes the locals living around the beach. There are numerous mid-priced to upscale hotels around Juhu Beach like the Sea Princess, Sea Palace, Sun-n-Sand and the JW Marriott, some of which have rooms with mesmerizing views of the sea.


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