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Accommodation in Dombivli

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The city of Dombivli is located in the district of Thane in Maharashtra and houses a number of Dombivli Hotels. There are many hotels here that lie in the different price ranges. In Dombivli, you will be able to find accommodation in both guest houses and resorts. Here’s a list of places to stay when visiting Dombivli.

Hotel Mayur

Hotel Mayur is a three-star hotel that is located near the Kalyan Railway Station. The rooms here are divided into three types- standard, deluxe and suites, which are priced at $36, $45 and $56, respectively. The rooms here are airy, done up well and are very clean. Plus, each of the rooms includes facilities such as a TV, 24-hour hot water, 24-hour room service, and 24-hour laundry service. The hotel’s restaurant is called Gulshan and dishes up good Indian, Chinese, Thai and continental cuisine and the hotel’s bar is called the "9 p.m." The bar serves up good cocktails and mocktails, too.

Hotel Twins

Hotel Twins is situated opposite the Thane Railway Station and houses around 21 rooms. Each of the rooms is furnished well and fully air-conditioned. A single air-conditioned room costs $26 while a non-air-conditioned room costs $19. The hotel’s rooms include a radio, TV and video player, as well as hot and cold water. Room service is available round the clock from the hotel’s restaurant, Mithuna, that dishes up good soups, sandwiches and desserts.

Hotel Royal Inn

This business hotel is located very close to the Thane Station and is around 25 km from the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The hotel has 48 rooms, which are all equipped with modern amenities. The hotel’s restaurant specializes in Indian and Chinese cuisine. The hotel has a bar for those who wish to down a drink or two. A standard room at this hotel costs $75.

Hotel Tip-Top Plaza

This hotel is located in Thane and has very classy rooms, each of which costs between $86 and $150, depending on the type of room. The rooms include facilities like a valuables's safe, TV, air-conditioning and a doctor-on-call. The hotel’s restaurant, Grand Thali, offers authentic Indian cuisine, while the Fast Food Buffet Restaurant serves up good street food cooked in hygienic conditions.

Hotel United-21

This four-star hotel in Thane West consists of 46 suite-style rooms that are done up in a very stylish way and cost between $100 and $200. The hotel has good club facilities such as a swimming pool, squash court and table tennis. There’s also a good garden restaurant that serves different cuisines. It is interesting to note that the hotel is attached to a mall where one can do a good amount of shopping.

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Konkan King

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