Dombivli Travel Guide

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Jagdish Bhoir

Jagdish Bhoir

Dombivli is a cultural city and one of the most literate cities in India. It is a thickly populated suburb of Mumbai, with a population of probably 2 1/2 million-plus people.

It has an industrial zone on the eastern side along the state highway and is an important industrial area in the state.

It is home to many eminent musicians, literians, authors, actors and dramacists.

Railway remains the fastest and the best way to reach Dombivli. Road connectivity is present but nothing to boast about. It is connected by a state highway to Kalyan, Panvel, Thane and Navi (New) Mumbai.

The city has a lot of good schools and colleges. It has some good parks also.

The City has good Hotels & Restaurants.


The Dombivli travel guide is perfect to learn more about this city. Located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, the city of Dombivli lies approximately 50 km from the city of Mumbai. There are a good number of offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants in this recently evolved commercial zone.


As per the 2001 population count, the population of Dombivli was estimated at 1,193,000. Today, the population has increased manifold and consists mainly of Maharashtrians who speak the Marathi language. However, people from as far as other Indian states like Punjab and Gujarat have also come here to make a life.

Commercial Zone

Dombivli is a well-known commercial area in Maharashtra. Here, one is able to find a large number of industries that manufacture chemicals, agricultural tools, metals and paints. In fact, if you ask anyone from the area, they will cite Vicco Labs, Deepak Fertilizers and Lloyd Steel as the most famous in the nation.


One can reach the city of Dombivli by railway, bus, taxi or rickshaw from Mumbai or any surrounding area. If flying into Maharashtra, the nearest airport to Dombivli is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport. Within Dombivli, it is best to travel either by bus or an auto rickshaw service.


You will find that the city of Dombivli is steeped in local culture. Here, you will find churches, mosques and temples all within close proximity of each other. Some well-known temples in the area include the Ganpati Mandir and the Goan Devi Mandir. You will find a lot of artists here too, as well as people who have a great interest in art. From acting to literature, Dombivli has become quite the cultural zone. There are a good many festivals celebrated in this city, out of which the Navavarsha Swagat Yatra is the most prominent. This festival is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu New Year.

Most Literate Zone

The city of Dombivli has been credited with the honors of the first fully literate zone in the Indian state of Maharashtra, after a town in the state of Kerala. This is because Dombivli has a huge number of excellent schools and well as higher educational institutions, many of which have educated prominent people. One can also find a number of short term courses in computer training, fashion designing and arts here.

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