Aurangabad Travel Guide

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The city of Aurangabad was founded in 1610 and is well connected with Mumbai (Bombay) and the city of Pune . It is also connected by air to various destinations around the country, including New Delhi. When Prince Aurangzeb became Viceroy of the Deccan, he made the city his capital and it was named after this last Mogul Emporer Aurangzeb (1659-1707 AD). The walls, which enclose the central part of the city, were added by Aurangzeb in 1686 in order to withstand attacks from the Marathas. There are four principal gateways to the city - the Delhi Darwaza, the Jalna Darwaza, the Paithan Darwaza and the Mecca Darwaza. Nine secondary gateways also formed a part of the defensive system of this city.

Although most remnants of the old city have been destroyed, the old city gates survived the several attacks. The Bibi Ka Maqbara, the mausoleum of Auranseb's wife is a perfect example of fine Moghul architecture. Aurangabad is a nice city and a good operation base from which to explore the Daytrips.

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