Things to do in Alibag

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Refreshments and Relaxation in the Bars and Cafes of Alibag

The resort of Alibag on India's West Coast is a popular destination for both leisure and business travelers. There are a range of Alibag Bars and Cafes where visitors can get refreshments during their stay.

While locals may favour small independent establishments, visitors often gravitate toward the bars and cafes of the local hotels, which offer a greater selection of known brand beverages. Very often, these places will also have a staff that speaks more than one language, making communication easier for the foreign visitor.

Choices of Bars and Cafes in Alibag 

Some popular places to eat and drink in Alibag include the Sanman Restaurant, a  local eatery offering a range of seafood specialties and local drinks. Alternatively, the Big Splash Hotel on the Somaiya Hospital Road offers visitors a choice between a restaurant serving foods from a range of cultures, from local dishes to western fare, or the garden coffee shop where customers can enjoy drinks and snacks in the open air.

Internet Cafe in Alibag

Just opposite the Big Splash in the Krishna Mahal Building, visitors will find the Spider Net cyber cafe, where drinks are available as well as the all-important Internet connection many travellers need to keep up with friends and family.

Upmarket Cafe Culture in Alibag

For the upmarket international traveler, the Radisson Resort and Spa in Alibag offers all the comforts of home in this stunning sub-continental location. Visitors to this hotel (which is open to guests and non-residents alike) can enjoy high tea on the Mango Deck or choose from one of three bars dotted around the complex.

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