Festivals in Alibag

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An Insight into Alibag Festivals

Alibag Festivals provide a glimpse into the cultural and religious traditions that define the western states of India. Alibag is a small coastal town, located just about 40 kilometers from the state capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai. Some of the most commonly celebrated Alibag festivals include Pola and Nag Panchami.

Pola—Rural Festival of Alibag

Due to its surrounding, rural landscape, Pola is widely celebrated across Alibag. Pola is essentially a celebration of the cattle and equipment used for cultivation. Pola is celebrated in first week of August. Among the smaller villages located near the outskirts of Alibag, small processions appear with paraded cattle. The procession includes a heavy use of bugles and drums. The traditional dish prepared on this day is called Puran Poli.

Nag Panchami—Religious Festival of Alibag

Celebrated in the second week of August, this festival is sacred across the entire state of Maharashtra. The festival is a means to seek the blessings of the Snake God, Shesh Nag who is highly revered across Maharashtra. On this day, snake charmers make numerous rounds of Alibag and the residents offer milk to the snake as a way of pleasing the Snake God. The exact date for Nag Panchami is calculated every year using the Hindu calendar. People visit temples, and the streets are lined with stalls offering all sorts of religious souvenirs. It is a tradition among women to apply mehendi, designs applied with herbal paints, on their hands.

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