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Planning a trip to Alibag can give you a lot of kinds of cuisine at the Alibag restaurants. You will find different types of cuisine along with the traditional tastes of the city. If you are looking for certain types of food, you are sure to find it with the many restaurants in the city.


The Beijing restaurant is a great place to have some of the best Asian cuisine with a traditional Chinese flavor. You can choose from the many different items available, including vegetarian options or a variety of meat dishes. The prices are affordable, and you can enjoy the traditional décor throughout the restaurant.


The Capsicum restaurant is near the Lauli Garden and offers continental cuisines and menu items from many different countries. You can always find a new item to try. If you like to have a lot of different cuisine, this is one of the Alibag restaurants that you should try. Each of the dishes is prepared in traditional style and uses the flavors of each different cuisine.

Pan Asian

The Pan Asian restaurant is a great place to see and taste some of the Asian dishes which are sure to give you a good variety of tastes. You can try some of the traditional dishes and also some of the new creations. If you enjoy trying a different approach to some of the regular meals, this restaurant offers it to you.

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