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Best of Alibag Day Trips: Visiting Chaul

Alibag day trips present an excellent way to understand the cultural heritage of Alibag, a historical city located in the state of Maharashtra, India. One of the perennial favorites among Alibag day trips is visiting Chaul.

Reaching Chaul

Chaul is located just about 15 kilometers or 30 minutes from central Alibag. It is well-connected and most residents can easily provide you with directions. Visitors can rent cabs provided by the numerous hotels in Alibag. The residents speak a strange dialect which is surprisingly unknown to residents of Maharashtra itself. It is a rare combination of the local language, Marathi and Portuguese. This dialect is now referred to as Kristi.

What Does Chaul Offer

Chaul is a small town with great religious and historic significance. The coastal towns near Chaul were part of the Portuguese regime in India. Chaul has many historic buildings dating back to the 17th century. Visitors can walk down to the caves believed to have been used by the first set of Buddhist monks who popularized Buddhism in India.

The Portuguese ruins are the most popular attraction of Chaul. A few meters away from the central part of Chaul is the Korlai village. A short walk through the village leads to the famous Korlai Fort, also called Morro Fort or Castle Curlew. It is a historic and well-preserved Portuguese fortification. Visitors can see the numerous battlements which were used for hosting the battle-guns.

After completing this trip, visitors can take a short detour and visit the sacred temple of Datta Mandir, located at a short distance of about 2 kilometers from Chaul.

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