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Ahmednagar (often shortened to Nagar) is located about 117 km (73 miles) northeast of Pune in a predominantly agricultural district. Ahmednagar is the biggest district in maharashtra and has now emerged as one of the leading industrial district with industrioes in Automobile, Electronics, Heavy Industries, Agriculture Equipment, Sugar Co-operative movement started in Ahmednagar and is the one of the biggest industry here. Strategic central location makes it one of the strongest trading city especially in Agriculture produce. Ahmednagar has strong penetration into Bombay and National Stock Exchange. A drive through downtown Ahmednagar is a challenging obstacle course round yellow and red S.T. buses, trucks spewing forth smoky exhaust, three-wheeled motorized rickshaws, scooters, and bicycles that materialize out of nowhere, horse-drawn tongas, and the ever-present stray cow or dog.

City is now growing in all sides and new markets are developed with state of art technology. Ahmednagar now has the biggest Cricket stadium in Maharashtra along with other International standard sporting facility.

Ahmednagar District has been spiritual centre of India with Spiritually enlightened Souls like Dyaneshwar, Sai baba, Sant Tukaram, Meher baba and this list is very long. So this city has always been blessed and also there are lot of other charged places like Shani Shingnapur where people come from all over India.

Also Ahmednagar has got lot of Moghul Architecture and structures and seligiously important place for Muslim Community. Outside the city, village life still follows traditional patterns. Women dressed in brilliant saris with large brass pots balanced securely on their heads visit the village well each day to draw water. Farmers work the land with bullocks and handheld plows and carry their crops to market in small wooden carts. If there is enough rain, village fields are green with millet, wheat, sugar cane, mangos, and other fruits and flowers. In recent years, scooter factories and other industrial plants, as well as a flurry of television antennas, have also begun to dot the landscape of smaller villages. The most beautiful place on earth is Ahmednagar.

Meher Baba first visited the Ahmednagar area in 1923, staying at Khushru Quarters, the present site of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust. Throughout the years, He made Ahmednagar a center for His work, first at Meherabad near the village of Arangaon, 10 km (6 miles) to the south, and later at Meherazad near the village of Pimpalgaon-Malvi, 14 km (9 miles) to the north.

So this city is must see and has been place of big work for nation like the book Discovery of India was written in Ahmednagar by Shri. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Ahmednagar has been famous as an Historical city and now it is getting its name around the country as Cultural Capital. There are lot of world famous creative artist like Pramod Kamble. MUSIVERSITY is state of art Dance Music Theatre and Creative Arts Academy. One if its kind Music school in Maharashtra caters to Western/ Indian Dance styles, Classical / Western Singing, One place where almost 20 different Musical Instruments are taught, Theatre, Debate, Personality Development, Photography  and lot many more Hobby classes are making Ahmednagar an Home for students from Maharashtra for their Summer Holidays!


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