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lord buddha

lord buddha


The old name of the Sirpur was Sripur. It used to be the capital of the southern Kosal in the 5th & 6th century. In the 7th century Heuin Tsang visited this place. The Laxman temple that was built here in the 6th century AD. was the first of its kind to be built with bricks in India. The temple was built by the widow of Somvanshi King Harsh Gupta Queen Basata. Similarly there are temples depicting the life style of Somvanshi dynasty. The place also has Buddha Maths & Vihars. Every year during Shivratri a three day fair is organised at the place.


When in Sirpur ask for Dhruv(Kanthi) the local who acts as guide and his 5 generations have lived in the village.He remembers time when the temple and area was covered with forest and has intresting tales to tell if you have the time.sunil misra(


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