Damoh Travel Guide

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Damoh rose to importance in the 14th century. The Khiljis had the regional administrative center of the Chanderi province at Batihadim (Batiagarh) which was transferred to Damova (Damoh). Damoh was the seat of Maratha governors. During the British Raj, it became a part of the Central Provinces It was constituted a municipality in 1867.

Industries include oilseed milling, handloom weaving and dyeing, and the manufacture of bell-metal vessels and pottery, bidi (indigenous cigarette) factories, cement and gold and silver smithies. A number of betel leaf gardens are located around Damoh, and the leaf is exported. Annual fairs are held on Nagapanchami day and the Jatashankar fair is held in January.

Brought to you by proud residents of Damoh, a small and historic city in Madhya Pradesh. For details http://www.geocities.com/damohcity/

Dist. Area (sq. km): 7,306. Population: 897,944.

Distance: from Bhopal: 273 KM, from Jabalpur: 106 KM.

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