Chhindwara Travel Guide

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Sajjan Sharma

Chhindwara is located in the valleys of Satpura  Range in India. it is amidst great hill stations like Panchmari and Tamia. Chhindwara is the prime location for the Adivaasis or Gond tribes that are vanishing very fast. this place till today is a home to them and is quite dense and highly populated in the interiors.

It's a nice place..quite hilly...its considered to be one of coolest places in MP during summer...

There are lots of things to roam around. also can see the normal Indian town mixed of village people and highly educated people...

It is mainly a tribal city with lot of people from the Gondwana tribe. The main areas to visit near Chhindwara is Pachmarri which is about 125 Kms from the district and is considered to be one of the most beautiful hill stations in Madhya Pradesh.



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