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bhopal lake on rainy day...

bhopal lake on rainy day...

Neha Shrivastava

Madhya Pradesh is the heart and also the largest state of india. The most important destination in Madhya Pradesh is, without any doubt, Khajuraho . This World Heritage Site with its impressive carved temples, must be on the menu of every tourist. Although only a small group of all the temples have erotic carvings, this is the main reason for the popular reputation of Khajuraho.

Today Bandhavgarh, in Madhya Pradesh, India, has the highest density of tigers in the world making it just the best tourism destination. Bandhavgarh National Park is one place where you certain of seeing a tiger in its natural habitat. It is in this valley where white tiger was found.

It is strange that such a large state does not attract that many visitors, not in the least because two of India’s best national parks (Kanhha and Bandhavgarh) are located in this state. Besides that, the fort of Gwalior in the north is worth a visit. The capital Bhopal with its parks, big mosque and lakes is also a good place to stay and from which to explore Sanchi . The latter is an important Buddhist site where the stupas and monasteries will keep you occupied for at least a day.

Finally, the city of Bijapur deserves a detour as well. It has an impressive mosque and in the surrounding area you can lay your eyes on some of the finest Hindu architecture in Madhya Pradesh, if not India as a whole.

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