Getting Around in Kolkata

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Eco- Friendly Ridesin Kolkata

Trip to Kolkata is an altogether different experience from the other parts of the country. One of the many reasons is the Kolkata Transportation.

Tram Rail

Kolkata is the only city in the county which has Tram rail service, which operates from 4.30 a.m. to 1140p.m. The routes can be checked from However, it is advisable to take the tour only if you are not short of time, as it is a very slow moving transport.


Both cycle and hand-pulled rickshaws are ideal for short distance rides in the narrow lanes of the city. The seat capacity is for two adults. The hand-pulled rickshaws are fewer now, as it is banned. However, in some parts of the city, they still exist.

Metro Rail Service

The underground metro rail service runs from Tollygunge to Dum Dum starting at 7.15a.m. to 9.40 p.m. For more information, see

Other Modes

The easily available yellow color ambassador taxis is very comfortable and charge fairly on meter basis. They also carry fare charts, in case there is a problem. Pre-paid service is also available.  

Buses ply on the city roads and are very crowded. Auto-rickshaws are restricted to specific areas of the city, and mostly ply on sharing basis. They are not meant for comfortable ride.

Suburban areas of the city are best connected by local train service and ferry service. The fares are very minimal and the journey is comfortable except peak hours. For local train service, and for ferry service.

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