Kolkata Travel Guide

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naveen kr. gupta

The cultural capital of India. Land of Arts and Literature. Amazing scluptures all around. Great places to hang around . Streat foods are hygenic and amazing. Places like Victoria Memorial , Indian Museum , Science City , Nicco Park , Eden Gardens ,Alipur Zoo, Marble Palace, Jora sanko thakur bari for rabindranath tegore musium, Kalighat temple, Dakhineswar tample etc are worth visiting. Travelling by Trams and the underground Metro System is a true pleasure. Economically this city is lagging a bit behind and the city is bit polluted too. But the warmth and charm of the city is unforgetable. Specially if you are there and had not tried local Bengali Sweets and Fuchka (Panipuri / Golgappa) , then you are missing a lifetime opportunity. Also if you have got chance to enjoy a Cricket match in EDEN GARDENS or a Football Match in the Saltlake Stadium(World No. 2 and Asia's No. 1bigest Stadium with 1lakh 30 thousend seat) then you

are seriously in a different zone all togather. The sprit the local people shows is remarkable. Also if you get a chance to visit the Asia's Largest Bookfare then you should not give it up. 

It was amazing for me to spend a months time in this developing city. Worth a visit.  

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