Kerala Tourism- an endless quest Travel Guide

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If you love green environment then there is no other place better then Kerala. Kerala Tour packages are known for soothing greenery all around to enjoy the nature at its best. Travelers can enjoy enormous beautiful things in God’s own country. One can explore gorgeous beaches, misty mountains, stunning waterfall & hill stations and many such beautiful attractions. Apart from these beautiful attractions of Kerala, travelers also will enjoy their stay in the houseboat and backwaters of Kerala.

Kerala Tours are also famous for backwaters. This unique product is only found in Kerala and nowhere else in the country. The backwaters of Kerala are the major attraction to enjoy your Kerala Tour. The place is also famous for coconut plantation and you will find coconut trees in all over the places especially on beaches.

Discovering Kerala will be an enormous occurrence of your life. Throughout your Kerala Tour, you will get to enjoy the exclusive things counting backwaters activities, staying in the houseboat, ayuervadic massage & spa and many more. Kerala is the place where you get to enjoy the mammoth gorgeousness of hill stations, beaches, waterfalls and thick green forest.

God’s own country is also known for its enormous art and culture. Kerala’s culture is very unique and very different from other places of the country. Some of the famous from of art and culture of Kerala that can be found in Kerala are like Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Chavittunatakam, Maragamkali, Kolakali, Kalaripayattu and so on. Coming to cuisine of Kerala, it is famous all over the country and worldwide. Kerala’s tradition food is served on banana leaves and eaten with hands. In Kerala cuisine, you will find many varieties of items with unique taste. The traditional food of Kerala is Sadya. Kerala’s culture, art, tradition and life style are the main attractions of Kerala Tourism.


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