Things to do in Varkala

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In Varkala things to do are plentiful. Whether you have come to Varkala to spend time with your family, relax in the spiritual tranquility of the area or enjoy the fabulous beach, you should have no trouble finding something to do in this grand place. Varkala is one of the top vacation spots in India with a fantastic geography that sets it apart from most anywhere else. This is the only place in the region where jutting cliffs span out to meet the Arabian Sea.

Enjoy at Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is a haven for the spiritual wanderer and the beach lover alike. Both will be satisfied with the truly mystical views that this famous beach provides. With a short walk from the beach you will be able to locate many shops and restaurants to keep you full and entertained throughout the day,

Boatting in Kappil Lake

This impressive lake is located about 3.75 miles from the city of Varkala. It is a fantastic place to view by foot or by boat. The quiet waterway stretches through miles of dense coconut groves before finally flowing into the Arabian Sea. It is a must stop for any visitor to Varkala.

Cruise in Ponnumthurut Island

This enchanted island can only be reached by boat, but this isn’t a problem since many day cruises will take you to the area and back. While on this fantastic island make sure to pay a visit to the enigmatic Sivaparvathy Temple.

Meditate at the Kasi Yoga Center

Famous for the spiritual energy that flows out of every inch of Varkala, it has become a popular place to practice yoga. No matter your skill level, stop by the Kasi Yoga Center to study with one of Varkala’s most impressive teachers of yoga and meditation. Let your cares melt away as you relax in this beautiful city by the sea.

Pay Homage at Kaduvayll Thangal Dargah

This famous roadside stop, located on the national highway, is said to bring good fortune to those who visit. Stop by and see if it works any of its magic for you.

Enjoy Ayurveda Treatments

It is a must that you make an appointment for an Ayurveda massage treatment while in Varkala. Varkala offers more Ayurveda clinics than just about anywhere in the world. You are in good hands in Varkala, literally.

Regardless of your tastes this spiritual sun bather’s paradise will enrapture you with its majestic appeal. It is likely that after a few days in Varkala you will find that you do not want to leave. There are enough activities in the area to keep you entertained for weeks. When planning a trip give yourself enough time to truly experience all that this magical place has to offer. You will be glad that you did.

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