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If you are planning your cost effective visit this season, Varkala practical information will help you save money on your trip. It is a coastal town situated in Kerala, India. It is about 50 Km to the north-west of Trivandrum. The place is suitable for one planning to make a visit and at the same time doesn’t want to spend too much money. The rooms are available at very low charges, especially in the off season.  


The population of Varkala is 42,273 as per the census 2001. The people here speak Malayalam as their local language. However, Hindi and English are also spoken here. 

Culture and Food habits

The taste of Varkala is the same as that of Kerala. The people here prefer having rice and fish for their food. Nendranga chips, which are famous across world, are found here. These chips are made from banana. Other dishes local for the place include Idly and Dosa. These are made from the paste of rice. They are taken along with the coconut chatni by the people. The town is famous for one of the oldest traditional martial art training center named as Kalaripayattu. The stress is also given on sharpening the mind.  

Places to visit

Varkala has the ancient Janrdana Swami Temple famous for its art. It is about 2,000 years old. The temple is close to the Papanasam beach which is renowned for the holy water. It is said that if one takes the bath in this beach, all his sins are washed away. Sivagiri is another famous place to visit. It is a place where the Samadhi of Guru Shree Narayan is kept. Besides these places, there are numerous other places such as Kappil Lake, Anjengo Fort, Light house to visit for their uniqueness and beautiful architecture.  


In order to visit the town, you are required to have a visa for India. It can be easily availed by providing the necessary documents to the Indian Embassy.  

Best Time to Visit

However, the best time for one planning to visit the town is from the month of October to March. The weather seems to be quite friendly during these months.

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